Josiah James - The Morning Light (2009)

Año: 2009
Artista: Josiah James
Album: The Morning Light
Style: Acustico
Creditos: X-tianmusik

Josiah James is a multi-instrumental Christian artist who was called to his singer-songwriter career at the age of only 14. Boasting natural vocal talents as well as advanced skills as a guitar and piano player, Josiah released his first full-length CD, "Alive in the Studio" at the age of 16.
In the two years to follow, at only 18 years old, he delivered his second project, “Awaiting the Morning.” Both records were well received by fans and it has become apparent that Josiah's faith and talent are catalysts to his unique ability to write songs that connect with his audience on a highly personal level.

Lista de Canciones:
01. Reaching for the Stars
02. Break Out
03. The Morning Light
04. Send Your Heart Down
05. The Bigger Picture
06. Blinded
07. The Prodigal
08. Waves
09. Everything
10. Waiting for Forever
11. Caught Up In Love

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Creditos: X-tianmusik

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