Milliyon - The Prototype Mixtape (2010)

Album: The Prototype Mixtape
Style:Hip hop

Lista de Canciones:

01 Welcome To The Protoype - feat Hey You
02 The Prototype feat J. Ahmad
03 Angels Feat_ Gemiinii
04 Sun Comes Up feat C.M.O & Bigg Stretch
05 3's In The Sky
06 Ready For War - Feat Gemiinii Produced By Vybe
07 I Get It In - feat DMaub
08 We Run This Town
09 Mass-Comm Music May 18th - feat Representa
10 Welcome To The Light prod by Trackhustla Music
11 I Cant Help But.. - feat Holloman
12 Reach Out Your Hand
13 Rep His Name Foreva - Feat Erica Cumbo
14 We Aint Saved - feat Mouthpiece
15 Drive By - Feat MouthpieceMp3 Prod By Big Ran
16 Jus Them Choices
17 Holy Are You
18 Picture Yourself - feat Claude Deuce
19 U r Lord
20 Outro - feat All My Folk

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