Dj Tony Foxx - In God We Trust (2010)

Año: 2010
Artista: Dj Tony Foxx
Album: In God We Trust
Style: Electronic
Creditos: Levi M.

Lista de Canciones:
01. Blessed be Your Name (remix)
02. God, the Father (remix)
03. Hoseanna (remix)
04. I believe
05. I have a dream (feat Martin Luther King)
06. Intimacy (remix)
07. Intro In God We Trust
08. Leviticus 14
09. Open the eyes of my heart (remix)
10. Promised Land (feat. Martin Luther King)
11. Run to You (remix)
12. Symphony no 40 (Mozart 09 remix)
13. We are still here!
14. What about yours

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